Kingdom Hearts

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Kingdom Hearts: Battle Of Blades And Hearts

Kingdom Hearts has been more than just a video game to me. And I think the same applies to all the fans of Kingdom Hearts as well. For I will do my best to express the feelings of the Kingdom Hearts fandum.

It is no joke that Kingdom Hearts is Playstation’s one of many greatest hits. I’ll be honest but I actually slept on Kingom Hearts for over a year for my first impression was another attempt at trying to make disney movies cool for I had seen it before.

But one day I did try it out and just the intro to the game itself had me sucked in to find out what this game had to offer. Just as I said when I spoke on Kotor 2, Kingom Hearts can really help you reevaluate your life and what’s important to you. Since this game came out a long time ago if you haven’t played the game, here’s your warning:


I have to spoil the game because I wouldn’t be able to speak on it like I want without spoiling the game, so on to it. Kingdom Hearts really impressed me with how they were able to take their original story and gradually integrate it into disney stories with a little spin on the original story.

Even the love story between Sora and Kairi is priceless. There story reminded me of when I liked a girl and she liked when I was younger but I had to move away. And I’m sure some of you experienced this and this game in a way captures what we would envision to fight through whatever dangers to reunite with the person we have feelings for.

Even the story between Sora and Riku is very relatable. You have that friend that is older than you and you fight your hardest to prove you’re better than them. And once you beat your older rival they play it off exactly like Riku and you’re stuck there like what??? It’s like they buzzkill you on your ultimate victory.

kingdom hearts, donaldMoving on and getting off of memory lane, I’m happy that Kingdom Hearts had a rather simple battle system it was still enjoyable for you had much more to worry about than just attacking and defending. It made you a strategist as well for thanks to having to Goofy and Donald around you had to make sure they stayed alive as well for in some cases you’re going to have a long boss battle.

Even though sometimes you wish Goody or douschbag Donald would help you find yourself many times saying, “screw it” and you find yourself fighting everyone and just wait until your companies stop sleeping. But let’s be honest you know there were times you got mad at Donald for screwing up your healing strategy. I know I did.

Now please don’t judge me too hard but this was the game that introduced me to Final Fantasy characters. I was mostly into Sonic and Mario games back then. And just starting to grow like for the Need for Speed franchise.

So when I first Cloud I was like, he’s so cool. But when I first met Sephiroth…I had no idea what I was getting into and I’m going to leave it at that. But the creativity put into the game is off the charts in my book. From the gummi ship, keyblade designs, shoot the creation of Hollow Bastion was an impressive feat.

I mean I remember getting lost in there many times. I felt like I was a champion when I completed that world. The end of the world level was definitely engrained into my mind forever.

Kingdom Hearts Music Appreciation:

And you know I could not write this article without mentioning Yoko Shimomura. This is special thank you for composing Dearly Beloved. Her work is unparalleled. I kid you not this is music I wouldn’t mind playing for my kids for Yoko Shimomura is that great to me. And a special shout out to all those who still listen to this ost. From the Hand in Hand, Gummi Ship and of course Dive into the Heart my favorite songs 😀

Speaking of appriecation I figure I extend the courtesy by sharing a very talented violinist who did a cover for Dealry Beloved. I hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment on which is your favorite song from Kingdom Hearts, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Kingdom Hearts Gameplay:

The gameplay of this game was and still is very enjoyable. Though there have been other battle systems that have arised from other Kingdom Hearts games. This is a game with high gameplay value. Even after knowing how the story unfolds this is a game worth playing again when you put it up on the shelf of completed games. I liked how the game a solid balance between innocent good and dark evil in the game.

By the way if you’re a big Kingdom Hearts fan I suggest heading over to Kingdom Hearts Ultimania to keep with everything relating to the franchise.

For the screen writing for both Sora’s story and Riku held truth. Ansem had some pretty heavy lines about the world and people. about everyone having darkness in their hearts. And Sora has this innocent naive goodness about him. It’s like Sora represents the innocent naive side we all fight to keep in this cruel world we live in. That our small acts of kindness really can make a difference in this world.

I think many of you would agree with me that Kingdom Hearts is definitely a game worth passing down to your kids.[isotope_gallery id=”308″]

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